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Make the most of your summer break even without an internship

Speaking from personal experience, going into summer break without an internship can definitely be discouraging. However, it is not a reason or excuse to do nothing with your time over the summer. There are plenty of things you can do …

By Elliot Solomon
Elliot Solomon
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Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience: Inside the Minds of Recruiters

On average, about 29% of all Smeal students study abroad during their time at Penn State. It is also safe to say that the majority of students will be looking for a job in the future, whether it is immediately …

By Alessandra Auster
Alessandra Auster International Programs Intern
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Engaging with Alumni Mentors

Through our academic courses, we absorbed so much knowledge about the business world, but it may be different when applying the skills in a professional setting. The choice to have an alumni mentor can offer you an opportunity to understand …

By Linda Huang
Linda Huang Engaging with Alumni Mentors
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Figuring out your Finance Degree

Figuring out your Finance Degree

Smeal’s Finance Degree

It is a common misconception that the only thing that you can do with a finance degree… is finance. However, there are many interesting career paths and opportunities that open up when …

By Erin Ahlefeld
Erin Ahlefeld Business Career Center PSMA group member
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Analyze your Accounting Degree

Smeal’s Accounting Degree

While many students with an accounting degree pursue becoming Certified Public Accountants (CPA), there are also many other paths one can take. With an industry that has such high demand, Penn State Smeal College of business provides …

By Jake Knatz
Jake Knatz
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How To Keep In Touch With Recruiters

How to Keep in Touch with Recruiters  

Many students don’t know how to stay in contact with recruiters. They don’t want to come off as a pest, but at the same time, they want to express their interest in the …

By Linda Huang
Linda Huang Student Intern
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Gaining Leadership Skills Without the Title

Often times, students are worried about the flashiness of their titles on their resume and want recruiters to see the prestige of their leadership in these titles. While it is definitely important to gain leadership experience and exposure while you …

By Brent Nachison
Brent Nachison
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Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

The act of interviewing shows a company that you are interested in their company. However, when it gets to that point where the interviewers ask you, “Do you have any questions for us?”, that is where you can differentiate yourself …

By Evan Finkelstein
Evan Finkelstein
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How to Navigate the Internship Process

Internships are the foundation that build you as a professional. Not only are internships great resume builders, they help you realize what you might like to do in the future, or may not like to do in the future. Internships …

By Lauren Clements
Lauren Clements
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LinkedIn for Freshman: Tips for a Stronger Profile

LinkedIn for Freshman: Tips for a Stronger Profile

If you’re a new college student, then you’ve undoubtedly heard that it’s time to tighten up your resume. Career fairs, interviews, and networking events always come by at the beginning of every …

By Josiah Hritsko
Josiah Hritsko
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