How to be confident in professional settings.

It’s easier than it sounds, but it really takes finding the best method for yourself. There are so many ways to feel good about yourself and the things you know, while maintaining a level of humility and grace. 

Whether it’s an interview, a presentation, or an exam, walking in confidently makes the whole situation more manageable. 

  1. Always know you’re not the only one feeling this way. Guaranteed everyone sitting in the pre-interview room is just as, if not more, nervous than you. Try not to think about everyone else in the room.  and whether or not they’re judging you, they definitely aren’t!
  2. Listen to your favorite hype up song! This is my favorite method to get ready for anything I’m nervous for. Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of my personal favorites to get me dancing and feeling good. The mood you’re in before any nerve racking event really influences the way you’ll perform. 
  3. Take deep breaths and clear your head. There comes a point where staring at a flashcard or trying to memorize stats won’t help you anymore. You know what you know! Zen out and try to level out your breathing. Maybe walk around to help with jitters. Try to get it all out before your event, that way you’re not fidgeting during it. 
  4. Talk clearly, with purpose, and at a slow enough pace. We tend to word vomit when we’re nervous, so remember that a slower more deliberate delivery shows that you’re comfortable and knowledgeable. There’s nothing wrong with pausing to think or regroup. 

Good luck!

By Olivia Ouyang
Olivia Ouyang