Preparing for Career Fairs

Career fairs can be the most intimidating places for college students to be in. Everyone is dressed in their best formals, on their best behavior, and competing for the same jobs!

You can prepare yourself beforehand to ensure you stand out as well as make a lasting impression on all the recruiters you engage with.

Some pointers that will do you wonders are:

  • Have a game plan: Make sure to go through the companies list prior to attending the fair and have a list of companies you want to talk to ready, so you don’t waste your time deciding which company to talk to at the fair.

If you are an international student: Make sure to apply the “visa sponsorship” filter while looking through the companies list so you know which companies, you would rather apply to.

  • Do your research: Once you decide which companies you would like to talk to, go through the available positions they are offering and write them down so you can discuss them with the recruiters in person.

PRO TIP: Want to be one step ahead of the game? Apply for the position you would like to talk to the recruiters about before meeting them at the career fair. Make sure to mention that you have already applied for the position when you meet them. This will show them that you are committed and serious about the position they are offering.

  • This goes without saying but have your resumes ready! Alter them according to companies that you will be applying to if needed.
  • And finally, make sure you look professional and fresh!

Good luck!

By Elaaf Khan
Elaaf Khan Preparing for Career Fairs!