Free Yoga to Reset this Holiday Season

Though I graduated from Smeal in 2014, I still remember it vividly: Finals week is no joke. Then add a global pandemic on top of the crunch time stress…forget it. As a proud Penn State alum, I wanted to share my quarantine side hustle with you all. I’m the founder of Alt Yoga Collective, a virtual collective of yoga teachers dedicated to making yoga accessible for all.

I graduated from yoga teacher training back in June, at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, where people were vocalizing their experience in the yoga world as being expensive, elitist, cliquey, and exclusive. I so badly wanted to start teaching, but this wasn’t the yoga community I dreamed of cultivating. So I started my own online yoga studio.

No matter your race, gender, age, body, or ability, Alt Yoga Collective offers live, virtual yoga classes in a safe, inclusive environment. We have classes 5 days a week for all experience levels. Best of all, any donation you make for your class supports our Mat Program, which provides a free yoga mat to anyone who doesn’t have the means to afford one. 

Yoga has helped me so much mentally and physically, and especially during this pandemic, we’re even more motivated to share it with those you who could benefit from it.

As you think about this time of resetting, restoring, and giving a little more self-love before the new semester, we’d love to see you in class. If yoga’s not your thing, maybe it will become your thing, or you could share with someone who could benefit from it. Whatever you choose, make sure to always make time this holiday season to give to yourself, the most important person of all.

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By Rachel Saslaw
Rachel Saslaw