Making The Most of Your Winter Break

Winter break is right around the corner. Though it is important to relax and regroup during this time, you can also take advantage of your free time in many ways.


  1. Get A Job
    • This is the most popular path that may students choose over winter break. A job is a good way to boost your resume over breaks as well as a way to make some spending money for the upcoming semester. Even low-level jobs on a resume will show recruiters that you are motivated and have a good work ethic.
  2. Prepare for The Upcoming Semester
    • Most students will have already scheduled their courses for the next semester. You can use winter break as a time to research and begin to review for these classes that were scheduled. It is always better to go into a class with a general understanding of the basic concepts and coursework pertaining to the class. Most classes will also provide descriptions of the course in lion path that you can use as a starting point to review.
  3. Take A Course That Interests You
    • Obviously, winter break is too short of a time to enroll in a class to take through Penn State. However, there are many virtual courses all over the internet that students can take to better their skills in a variety of different areas. Three sites that I recommend students to use to take a course would be LinkedIn learning, coursera and Kahn academy. For example, this break I will be taking a class on python.
  4. Research Career Paths and Internships
    • This is especially important for freshman and sophomore students. You can gain a large advantage over other applicants by reaching out and applying to companies who have internship development programs or internships for younger students. By showing interest in a company from the beginning of your college career will make it more likely that they will remember your name when you apply as a junior or a senior.
  5. RELAX
    • Though it is important to be productive over break, it is also a time to relax. You just completed another stressful semester at Penn State. Give yourself a pat on the back! Find time this break to have fun and separate yourself from your school work. You deserve it!
By Dylan Helfrick
Dylan Helfrick Career Service Intern