STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – Management Major, Sanjana Saji

Meet Sanjana Saji a Senior Management major with a Digital Media Trends & Analytics minor. Sanjana recently completed her internship with JPMorgan Chase & Co. Through networking with people at Penn State, Sanjana found out about the Global Finance & Business Management Program at JPMorgan Chase & Co. then proceeded to apply for the internship and travel to Delaware to attend their Superday event!

During her internship, Sanjana learned about the importance of teamwork and consistency. The internship was virtual, so she had to make sure that she was motivated every day to do her best and had to engage in self-discipline to meet deadlines.

Her favorite part of the internship was the structure of the program and how open everyone at the firm was when it came to making connections in a virtual setting. At no point in time did she ever feel lost because there were so many people to support and guide her.

By Emily Tressler
Emily Tressler Marketing Communications Specialist