Student Spotlight – SC&IS Major, Stephen C. Day III

Meet Stephen C. Day III, a Senior Supply Chain and Information Systems major who interned with The Boeing Company. Stephen mentions that he was excited to work at Boeing since it is a great company with a diverse portfolio of commercial and defense products. He was also incredibly excited to learn more about data analytics. During his internship, Stephen was responsible for creating a system-wide inventory report for low-cost high-volume aircraft parts. Additionally, he was responsible for constructing a report used by materials handlers on the production line to keep Boeing’s manufacturing process operating at maximum efficiency. To accomplish these tasks, he spent a great deal of time teaching himself VBA for Microsoft Excel. He is currently still working with Boeing to tie the two projects together within a process management database.

Boeing extended Stephen’s intern experience into a part-time opportunity through the end of this upcoming spring semester. His favorite part about the experience thus far has been interacting with his “buddy” / mentor. He would spend a few hours each day on the phone with his mentor and it was truly helpful in allowing him to make the most of the experience.

Stephen’s advice for students seeking internships is to work hard, do your research, and think of the recruiting process as a game. You got to be in it to win it…just don’t forget to be yourself and have fun along the way! If things don’t go your way, keep your head up and keep pushing forward!

Stephen secured his position with The Boeing Company through the Supply Chain Career Fair he attended.


By Emily Tressler
Emily Tressler Marketing Communications Specialist