Student Spotlight – SC&IS Major, Conlan Keefe

Meet Conlan Keefe, a Senior Supply Chain and Information Systems major who interned with The Hershey Company. During his internship, he tracked daily shipments to Hershey’s top 10 customers and communicated with carriers to improve on-time delivery. He also provided senior management with a high-level view of facilities’ performances by consolidating daily information on distribution center capacity, late inbound and scheduled outbound shipments, and trailer availability at manufacturing plants. During his time at Hershey, he also collaborated with other interns to develop a Business Continuity Plan framework for Hershey’s co-manufacturers, identifying how to recover from and minimize the impact of business disruptions such as cyber-attacks, COVID-19, etc. Conlan functioned as the first intern in the transportation department to operate functions in SAP, laying the groundwork for future interns.

Conlan’s favorite activity during his internship was the Reese’s Take 5 Tailgate they held for their first Super Bowl ad and setting the world record for the largest filled chocolate bar. His tip to other students during internships is the set up many 1-on-1’s with people in different areas of the company so you can explore your interests outside of your current role!

Some of the resources Conlan used to secure his internship were attending the Supply Chain & Information Systems Career Fair, utilizing the resources from the Business Career Center, and taking BA 297- Career Planning & Strategies course his sophomore year.

By Emily Tressler
Emily Tressler Marketing Communications Specialist