Tips for scheduling as a Smeal major

Every semester up until graduation students are asked to schedule their classes for the upcoming semester. In theory this is a simple task, but in actuality it is quite daunting. Smeal offers a variety of different majors and minors, which dictate some of the classes that one may have to take. So, the looming question is “How do I make my schedule so that I can graduate both on time and with the major and minors that I want?”

Fortunate for all Smeal students is the fact that Smeal has academic advisors within the business school itself to aid in this process. Every student is assigned an academic advisor, to which the student can use as a resource to uniquely craft their schedule in ways to meet the needs of every student while still satisfying the requirements for each sought after major.

Academic advisors advise that each student meet with their assigned advisor at least once a semester. In these meetings, that are highly recommended, students have the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics that are crucial to individual success. Academic standing, graduation progress, and scheduling are just a few of the many topics that are commonly discussed in these meetings.

This is a great resource, but what if a student does not know who their academic advisor is, or even how to get in touch with them? If a student is unsure about who their academic advisor is, they can find out in a few different ways. One way is by contacting Smeal’s office for academic advising (Either by emailing, calling, dropping in, etc..). Another way to determine who a student’s financial advisor is through Lion-Path. Another way, and possibly the most common and easiest, to determine one’s academic advisor is through going to and logging in. Once a student is logged into their starfish account, they can schedule an appointment with their academic advisor, where they have the opportunity to have one on one help with crafting their schedule.


By Hunter Anderson
Hunter Anderson Career Service Intern