My study abroad experience was cancelled. How can I add a global experience to my resume?

For many Penn State students, the pandemic impacted Spring, Summer & Fall 2020 study abroad programs:,Eric%20Barron%20on%20June%2015.

There are many ways to stay engaged globally. Check out some of the resources below for more information:

Join a Penn State student organization or program to learn about another culture.

The Penn State University Libraries has open Asian Studies guides through the end of September 2020, including Chinese databases, newspapers, and journals about the economy, finance, industry, statistics, foreign trade, etc. This is a great resource for class projects, company research for job applications, and general interest:

Consider adding a minor or certificate to your academic credentials.

Want to learn a new language?

Apply for a virtual internship “abroad.

Attend a virtual conference to engage with international peers and colleagues.

Network with Penn State alumni who have worked/lived abroad!


By Jana Jaffa
Jana Jaffa Associate Director of International Employment and Specialty Graduate Programs Jana Jaffa