#Adulting: Money isn’t the only currency

So, you find the listing for your dream job, only to discover that the salary is way lower than you expected it to be. Do you panic? Lash out in frustration at the unfairness of it all? Before throwing your computer out the window, consider this perspective: Money is not the only currency a job can offer you. 

Although it sounds strange to say that a job can pay you in more than just dollar bills (or direct deposit, since it’s the year 2020)it’s true. The most obvious ways that jobs can pay is through their benefits package. Oftentimes companies offer more than medical, dental, or vision. It’s not uncommon for employers to offer their staff free gym memberships, sessions with a nutritionist, community and travel discounts, and more! The other thing to keep in mind is the amount of vacation/sick days allotted to you. Even if your salary is lower than you’d prefer, are you able to take time off for holidays or personal days? That counts for something! 

When thinking about forms of payment, a less obvious approach is the type of experience being gained through the position. Are you able to be exposed to multiple areas within your chosen field through this job? Will you get the opportunity to meet and work with important industry professionals or other influential people? Will this position give you the chance to learn and grow your skill set in order to eventually advance your career? Take all of this information into consideration when you’re looking at a job’s salary. Not everything the position offers is written into that dollar amount! 

Something to consider: Though there are plenty of jobs with lower-than-average salaries that make up for their paychecks by offering their employees a variety of benefits like the ones mentioned above, there are some companies that just flat out underpay. Be on the lookout for companies that value their workers, and steer clear of those that are just looking to take advantage! 

By Ali Chiavetta
Ali Chiavetta Graduate Intern Ali Chiavetta