Gaining Leadership Without the Title

Leadership is an extremely important quality to possess, but leadership positions are not available in every setting nor to everyone. So how do you gain leadership without the title? By possessing and demonstrating the qualities listed below you will gain leadership. These qualities are able to be applied to your work environment, peer/friend group, and even in class.

What qualities make you a leader?

  • Efficient Communication Skills
  • Ability to Delegate
  • Responsibility
  • Trustworthiness

Efficient communication skills are developed by speaking up in group settings, demonstrating to others, and dealing with conflict. You can do this by taking charge in a group or volunteering in class. Being able to voice your thoughts is an extremely important ability to have as a leader.

The ability to delegate is developed by efficiently instructing your peers. This can be practiced when doing group work. Taking the lead by instructing people with tasks in a respectful but assertive way is important.

Responsibility can be practiced in all parts of your life. Staying on top of your assignments, grades, and other personal tasks are necessary in solidifying responsible habits.

Trustworthiness must be demonstrated to your peers. A leader must be trustworthy so others will seek guidance and support from them. A trustworthy leader is also respected by their peers.

Practicing effective communication, delegating, responsibility, and trustworthiness will make you stand out amongst your peers as a leader. Anyone has the capability to become a leader if they truly apply themselves. Make yourself stand out and then by possessing these skills you will have the opportunity to gain a leadership title in the future.


By Cassidy Soto
Cassidy Soto Cassidy Soto