How To Keep In Touch With Recruiters

How to Keep in Touch with Recruiters  

Many students don’t know how to stay in contact with recruiters. They don’t want to come off as a pest, but at the same time, they want to express their interest in the company. The face-to-face meeting with recruiters at career fairs is important, but it is highly encouraged to stay in contact with recruiters using other methods because it can help you stand out among the crowd. Even if you do not get the job offer, you can potentially be introduced to other contacts in the company and be offered a position in the future.

Here are some appropriate ways to keep in touch with recruiters!   

EmailIf you attended a career fair, send an email to the recruiter that restates your skills and qualifications, and reasons for your interest in the position. In the message, you will also want to mention anything memorable that was talked about in your conversation such as hobbies, interest, or anything that will distinguish yourself from the hundreds of faces they meet every day. Recruiters are busy people, so keep it short, concise, and professional! Emails are great because it shows you put in the extra effort and went beyond the cover letter and resume.    

Campus EventsOnce you talk to a recruiter, you can always ask for their contact information, and other events they will be hosting on campus. By attending their information sessions or workshops, you can help them refresh their memory of you, and make meaningful connections to build on the relationship. Even if they will not be present at future events, they can direct you to another representative who can offer you more information on the company and position. 

LinkedIn– It is a great social media platform to keep in touch with recruiters and present yourself professionally. With just a click of the button, you can request to connect with recruiters and send a short message in the inbox. In the message, always try to be personal, and clear about the reasons why you are connecting. By having a call to action in your message, it will give recruiters a reason to respond out of the hundreds of messages they are receiving.  

Lastly, it is important to be available for recruiters. If you do get a email or call from a recruiter, make sure to answer them right away so you do not miss out on an new job opportunity. At the end of the day, recruiters are people just like us trying to help us find our dream job, so always be cordial and respectful for their time!




By Linda Huang
Linda Huang Student Intern