Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

The act of interviewing shows a company that you are interested in their company. However, when it gets to that point where the interviewers ask you, “Do you have any questions for us?”, that is where you can differentiate yourself from other candidates. Hence, it is imperative to come prepared with written-out specific and thoughtful questions tailored to each company. It is also important to be respectful of their time, so any variation of these questions can be asked. Before leaving, make sure to get business cards and follow-up with your interviewers with any further questions. Below, I have compiled some of the best questions to ask at the end of an interview that can be tailored to any company.


What is the biggest challenge your company is facing right now, and how are you working to overcome it?

This is my favorite question to ask because it shows that you are insightful, thoughtful and future-oriented. Asking this question conveys that you genuinely care about the company and industry. Additionally, it would be quite impressive to respond to their answer to this question in your follow-up email, which shows more initiative and interest.

Who do you think would be the ideal candidate for this position, and how do I compare?

This question gives you a quick way to figure out whether your skills match up with what the company is currently looking for. If they don’t align, then you know it may not be right for you, instead of wasting time pursuing the wrong position.

How would you describe the company’s culture?

This question gives you an idea of the company’s corporate philosophy and where employee happiness fits in within it.

What are the challenges of this position?

Asking this question shows you are forward-thinking in nature and gives you more important information about the position and company.

Where is your company going in the future and how does this fit in with your mission?

This question helps you better understand the short-term/long-term aspirations of the company and if you can get behind and believe in their mission.

If you were to hire me, what might I expect in a typical day?

This question gives you an idea of day-to-day responsibilities and if you are more stationary in a cubicle or moving around throughout the day.

What are the next steps in the interview process and when should I expect to hear back?

This should be the final question you ask which gives you closure about the interview process and timeline.

By Evan Finkelstein
Evan Finkelstein