Effective communication with employers after recruiting events

It is extremely important to  follow up with recruiters and company representatives after an interaction with them in a recruiting event or interview.  Usually this means a thank you email, but depending on your interest in the company and how much time they invested in you, a handwritten message may be appropriate.  If you have a personal interaction with a recruiter, it may also be a good idea to connect with them on LinkedIn, so they can see what you are doing professionally and have an active version of your resume as it may change.  Below are four important elements of effective follow up with recruiters.

  1. Follow up in a timely manner

It is important to be prompt with a follow up email or letter, usually within 24-48 hours of your interaction with them is recommended.  Recruiters meets dozens of candidates every day so make sure that your experience with them is fresh in their minds.  Timely email or letter also shows that was a high priority to you to follow up with them.

  1. Make it personal

Did you and the recruiter have something in common when you talked or did he or she give insights or share something specific and memorable?  Mention it! Your resume likely says a lot about you, but a personal connection makes it just that, personal. Everyone likes to hire and work with people they like and connect with…be that candidate.

  1. Ask any questions you still have

Did you walk away with a question that you did not think of before or did not have the opportunity to ask?  At the end of your follow up email or letter is a great time to ask these questions and get answers!

  1.  Be enthusiastic

If you are interested in the company, don’t be afraid to say so. State why you’re interested as a way to tell something about yourself and how you would be a good fit for the company as well.

By Brent Nachison
Brent Nachison Student Career Guide