10 top job skills that will get you hired

Each year there is a huge quantity of students who graduate from college/university and seek job opportunities outside their educational establishments. But what if we told you that almost more than a half of these people would eventually find no desired workplace and throw their diplomas into the trash?

Unfortunately, this can happen to any of us as the job market is suffering great changes these days. Therefore employers have a whole range of demands towards their candidates that not always can be seen in every person who walks on earth. Nowadays not only big prosperous companies will seek for “special” applicant but also small organizations will pursue a strict list of qualities in the candidates for the job and if you do not fit in, forget about the offer.

Here we came up with the 10 top skills that will guarantee you the job you have always dreamt about.

Confidence is the key to success

First of all, when you come to a job interview, be well put together. Remember that the first impression is always the strongest. While dressing for the meeting make sure you choose appropriate clothing that will show not only your sense of style but also the fact that you are well aware of the dressing code and can easily look professional in a range of business events. Try to emit as much persuasion and professionalism during the talk as possible and do speak slowly and clearly. You have to become the self-confidence personification and answer all the questions clearly. The interviewer has to draw only a positive picture of you.

Integrity and ability to learn quickly

The employers now are looking explicitly for energetic and capable people who easily adapt to the new team and the working conditions. They would appreciate if you are emotionally stable. Of course, we live in a fast developing world where it is quite difficult to keep up with the new technologies that are produced every day, but if this ability to learn quickly is not about you, do not even try to meet the expectations of the interviewers.


This one would not be a novelty for you. It is primarily for the employer to hire not only a qualified person but a good psychologist as well who can resolve the problems regarding the job process wisely on a daily basis.

Efficient teamwork

It has always been an important matter while working in a wide circle of people. You would not always work solo. Therefore it must be a very important skill of yours to be able to listen to others and carefully instruct them during the working process.


A good employee has to be confident but able to face his/her errors. If you have done something wrong, do not run to your boss with the eyes filled with tears and begging to forgive you. Simply admit that every person has this little possibility of doing something wrong, but there is always a possibility to fix the situation. Put yourself together and analyze the situation, surely there will be something you can do about it, and your employer will be left satisfied seeing you even more concentrated on the working process!

Data analysis

We are living in a data-oriented world and no matter if your company is all about that or not really, it still will need some thinking ahead and planning for the future. This part of your CV is quite important as the employer will surely appreciate your analyzing skills. Do not forget to highlight this point during your job interview.

Foreign languages

What is also valuable in your resume is if you speak more than one language. In a world where the business is so globalized, it is mandatory to know few languages in a case you need to deal with foreign clients, investors who are more comfortable with speaking their own language. And there a plenty of other reasons which will convince you on the importance of having a wide range of foreign languages to serve you.

Wise time management

Do not expect to be given an over a month or more for a specific working project or research. You employer would never like to lose so much time and money on one task. Be ready to work on several tasks at the same time and come up with good quality ideas on each one. Here is when your time managing and multitasking skills come in very handy and will guarantee you success and career development.

Computer skills

You know it is the new age of development we live in where something new is produced every hour. The least you can do is be able to work with elementary. Computer programs like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. These are quite easy to use and will surely be used by you during the working process.


Creativity and innovation

Naturally, you will be expected to move your company to some new beginnings. Your innovation ideas will be met with a good attitude and be analyzed. If you succeed in leading your employer to good and profitable ideas you will be a reward!

By Alexia Wolker
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