Intern Spotlight: Alyse Phillips


Name: Alyse Phillips

Company: Johnson & Johnson

Major: Finance

Year: Senior

Resources: I took BA 297 in the Fall Semester of my Junior Year upon transferring to University Park from Penn State Altoona. The class was an awesome resource to keep me on track with editing my resume and preparing for the Fall Career Days at the BJC!

Highlights: During my internship with Johnson & Johnson I learned the practical applications of what I was studying in class. I also learned how to assimilate into a team that had been working together for over a decade, and add value to what they were doing on a regular basis. Above all else, I learned to have fun! In looking for an internship, always remember to be yourself! Your personality, ambitions, and quirks are what make you special, and a great employee!!!

By Susan Mcgrory
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