Intern Spotlight: Emily Purnell

Emily Purnell

Major: Accounting (MAcc)

Company: WR Grace

What resources did you use to secure your internship?

Connections I had made that would not have been possible without Smeal’s networking seminars and BA 297

What did you learn? 

I learned a lot about product management and international collaboration. I had the opportunity to lead a project of product managers from all over the world that helped to increase efficiency and positively affected our customers. 

I also learned a lot about safety and the value that WR Grace puts on safety.

Any tips you can share with students looking for an internship?

Step outside your comfort zone when it comes to applying to internships. Don’t just apply to big name companies that everyone has heard of. You might be surprised about the opportunities and experiences you can have at a company not everyone has heard of. 

By Susan Mcgrory
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