Intern Spotlight: Alexander Jankowski

Supply Chain intern at Paratek Pharmaceuticals in King of Prussia, PA

“Going into my Junior (3rd year) I got my internship by contacting a recruiter through LinkedIn. I learned how to forecast the Cost of Goods (COGs) for our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). I developed a Sales & Operations Plan for the Supply Chain of our company. I learned how to read and summarize Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) as well as Supply Agreements.”

Advice for students seeking internships:Don’t give up, I contacted the recruiter the day of my last final during finals week in the Spring and ended up starting 3 weeks later. Use your SmealConnect, LinkedIn and other resources because it is by no means easy to get an internship before your Junior year. Also, once you’re there learn as much as you can, but more importantly be sociable with everyone and make as many connections as you can. It shows you care and it very well may help you out down the line.” 

By Susan Mcgrory
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