Intern Spotlight: Spencer Keller

Name: Spencer Keller

Major: Finance

Year: Senior

Internship: MIS & Data Analytics Intern at Investors Bank

Highlights from my internship: I learned that teamwork and communication are essential in completing tasks in the workplace. If an individual does not work well in a team and cannot communicate their opinions/thoughts in an effective manner it is very difficult to achieve success. In addition, I learned that being open-minded toward other people’s perspectives is important to accomplishing a business task. Also, Risk Management is an important function because it allows the company to grow and achieve great success.

What I liked best about the internship:  I was able to learn a lot about the company and function of Risk Management in such a short period of time. By actually getting hands-on experience in a corporate setting I was able to understand things better than just listening to a lecture or reading a textbook. I also had the opportunity to network with various individuals within different areas of the Risk Management department I worked for. This was a great learning experience because I was able to ask these people countless questions about what they do and how the work they are doing contributes to overall picture of the Risk Management department.

Tips for students seeking internships: Attend as many networking events as you possibly can. These events really do help in the long run because the more people and relationships you establish the more likely you will entice a recruiter to schedule an interview and ultimately offer you an internship. Also, another piece of advice would be to market yourself as an individual who brings value to a company and is eager to learn as many things as possible. Finally, don’t limit yourself to internships only related to your major. I did an internship in a field that was not my major and received an enriching experience and discovered that I enjoy Risk Management.

By Susan Mcgrory
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