Navigating Skype, Phone, and Virtual Interviews

So, you’ve applied to a ton of companies to secure that internship or full-time job.  One day you open up your computer to finally see an email come through asking you for an interview.  Congrats!  However, you are being asked to do the interview via Skype.  Yikes.  Now what?  When it comes to interviews that are not face-to-face (phone, virtual, Skype), it can seem very intimidating.  Here are a few important tips and tricks to consider when preparing for this type of interview.

  1. Breathe!!!  This is such an important one.  You’ve been selected to interview for a reason.  Don’t let the nerves get to you.
  2. Find a quiet space (and one without yelling roommates or loud neighbors).  One huge tip I have is to rent a room at the Bank of America Career Services building or the Career and Corporate Connections office in Smeal.
  3. Find reliable Wi-Fi!  This is HUGE.  The most embarrassing thing that can happen during the interview is to have your connection freeze and miss a part of the interviewer’s question.  Don’t make this harder than it has to be.  Also, if you rent one of the rooms mentioned above, you will utilize campus WiFi which is reliable.
  4.  Dress the part.  Just because you aren’t meeting your interviewer in person, it is just as important to make a good impression.  Also, if you are conducting a phone interview, dressing the part can be helpful in making the situation seem more realistic so you don’t take it any less seriously.
  5. For a Skype interview, make sure you are looking into the camera on your computer instead of looking at the screen.  This can feel awkward, but it is important to maintain eye contact with your interviewers.  Take some time to practice this before the real deal.
  6. Arrange to Skype a family member or friend for practice to ensure your sound settings are working properly.  It can be very frustrating when sound settings are not set up so you cannot hear your interviewer on the other end.
  7. As with any interview, make sure to follow up and thank the interviewer for their time.

These are the big 7!  If you consider these 7 tips and practice, practice, practice, you are bound to do well.  I believe in you and I hope you believe in yourself.  Now go out there and get that job offer.  Good luck!

By Hayley Connor
Hayley Connor