5 Reasons Why Marketing Could Be Your Dream Career

Marketing isn’t a career for everyone, but it does have its perks and it can be a challenging and rewarding career choice. In this article, I’ll share 5 reasons why marketing could be your dream career, based on my 15 years in marketing while running Enchant, an email marketing agency.

marketing career

Find out why marketing could be your dream career!

1. No two days are ever the same

If you like variety in your work, then marketing is a great career option. You could be optimising a website in the morning, sending email campaigns before lunch, then working on content and meeting new technology companies later in the afternoon.

One thing is for sure, the next day will be completely different!

2. It’s one of the fastest growing industries

Technology has evolved so quickly, meaning that marketing has had to adapt and evolve rapidly. Marketers get to use some really interesting tools and technologies and the options are vast. So, if you like your tech and you’ll love marketing.

However, it’s not just all about tools. Because the industry is growing so fast, it means we all need to continue learning. You’ll need to be willing to learn new things, every day. I have worked in the marketing world for 15 years and I still learn something new every single day, which is why I love what I do. If you love to learn, you’ll enjoy marketing.

3. There’s a huge need for marketing professionals

There’s a huge global demand for marketers. The skills gap in the marketing industry is massive. Many industry reports from all over the world show that there just aren’t enough marketers to help, which probably goes someway to explaining why so many marketing campaigns are not so good.

If job security is on your mind, marketing could be a good option, because there just aren’t enough marketers to go around.

4. It’s a very social career

And I’m not just talking about the nightlife. Your network of colleagues, suppliers, partners and technology companies means you’ll always be growing your network and meeting new people. So, if you’re a social butterfly, marketing could very well be a great career choice.

5. You can be a marketer in any part of the world

Marketing skills cross borders and if you’re good, you can work from anywhere in the world. Your skills will be transferable into other geographies, which means you could relocate with ease. It also means that you could go freelance and be a digital nomad, working from wherever you’re happiest. Many of the consultants at my email marketing agency do this, because they have specific skills and have created high demand for their time. Once you’re a few years into your marketing career, you can do the same.

Philip Storey runs his own email and lifecycle marketing agency (enchantagency.com), coaches highly successful individuals in business and works closely with top brands. He encourages graduates to pursue an exciting and successful career in marketing.

By Philip Storey