Intern Spotlight: Christian Gibson

Christian Gibson

Year: Senior

Major: Supply Chain

Internship: PwC

What resources helped you in securing your internship?

For Penn State Resources, I heavily utilized SmealConnect (now Nittany Lion Careers) for keeping track of on-campus events and job openings. I also made sure to stop by all of the Smeal Career Fairs. Externally, I reached out to Penn State alumni through LinkedIn.  Indirectly, joining professional student organizations like Alpha Kappa Psi and Nittany Consulting Group introduced me to passionate and incredible people that inspired and motivated me throughout the recruiting process.

What did you learn from your internship?

This summer I learned that Penn State has a powerful brand that means something to firms and their recruiters, and Penn State students are capable of competing and excelling in any work environment.


What did you like best?

My favorite aspect of the internship was being able to meet so many individuals who had that rare balance of being highly accomplished and esteemed while also being genuinely caring and interesting.

Tips/advice for students looking for internships?

Work smarter not harder.  When looking for a job, you are not alone.  Penn State has a number of tools and resources that can aid your job search and improve your chances of landing that job. Also Penn State truly is one big family, so make sure to reach out to PSU alumni who currently or previously worked for your dream company or in your dream role to enhance your knowledge and build meaningful relationships

By Susan Mcgrory
Susan Mcgrory