Spotlight Intern: Caitlin Flood

Name: Caitlin Flood

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Marketing

Internship: JPMorgan Chase & Co Chase Leadership Development Program (CLDP) working in the Partnership Marketing department, specifically in Consumer and Community Banking with credit cards.

What resource(s) helped you in securing your internship?

“I used Smeal Connect where I found an application for JPMorgan Chase’s Winning Women Conference which I did not ultimately attend, but from that application I was invited to interview for the summer analyst position.”

Any tips/advice for students seeking internships?  

“I would tell someone seeking an internship, especially in marketing, not to feel forced into a field that they are not interested in. If an industry like retail is not interesting to you, find something that is. Marketing is not just one thing. Jobs exist with companies you might have never thought would be looking for someone with your skills. I never thought that a bank would be searching for someone like me or that the credit card industry could encompass so many of my interests, but JPMC offered me the opportunity to explore and learn more than I could have imagined this summer.”

By Susan Mcgrory
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