Intern Spotlight: John Hursh

Name: John Hursh

Major: Accounting

Company: Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness.

Resources that helped me gain the internship: Connections through community involvement, credentials from studies (had the right major), passion for the cause

“I initially wrote a letter to my home city (Lancaster, PA) asking for volunteer opportunities. They then referred me to volunteer opportunities in the community where I met prominent officials in the community. By meeting other professionals in these settings, I was referred for the internship with the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness. I learned that not all jobs are immediately obvious, and that there are many opportunities to use your field of study in charitable causes. In my case, I worked for a quasi government-non-profit partnership that is working towards ending homelessness in my home county. Being able to use my accounting abilities to give back to a worthy cause was extremely rewarding, and I’d encourage any Penn State students to see if they can use what they’re studying or what career path they’re on and try to fit in to a noble cause. Giving back to your community while increasing your knowledge and skills is extremely rewarding”.

By Susan Mcgrory
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